Family Restaurant Open daily at 6am Call: 503-659-9306

A Classic American Diner. The Aviation themed menu includes our own: "Flying Fortress", a stacked high club sandwich, the "Tail Gunner" a generous sized Chiliburger, Steak, Seafood, Fresh Garden Salads, the "Lacey Lady" a Grilled Turkey Sandwich, Home-Made soup daily, Biscuits & Gravy, Fresh Grilled Hashbrowns & Chicken Fried Steak.

The Bomber Restaurant has earned a reputation for being one of the best breakfast spots around - served 6:am to 1:45 daily. Call ahead for a "Heads up" on groups of 10 or more.

Hours of Business:

6:am to 2:pm Monday's

6:am to 8:pm Tuesday through Sunday

Come join us. We know you'll leave with a taste of Home Town Hospitality, a smile and a bit of knowledge about B-17G's.

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The 2 Sisters & a MR. - Fabulous 40's Entertainment!

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Restoration news

The true story of the Milwaukie Bomber

"We buzzed that little town pretty closely," Lacey shrugs. People are running out of their houses in nightgowns. They were afraid we were going to land on Main Street. But we were just trying to read the road signs."

After some frightening sweeps, they spotted a building with Fall River Mills painted on its top. They located it on their map and found they were almost 100 miles off their course.

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